– On March 9th did some integrations / additions to the website. Added a Contact Form for even easier way to send as a message, also installed Guestbook, consider it like “Google Reviews” tell us what’s wrong with the website, what needs to be changed or added. And since we have #SADAUSKAS IRC channel on 3 different Networks we integrated IRC into webpage, itself so now you can connect straight to Libera IRC Server from our website without need for IRC client.

SADAUSKAS.INFO was transferred from regular HTML site written with an old Dreamwoks software to a WordPress, due to google not liking sites which are not mobile friendly. So now it doesn’t look like early 2000’s website which can be viewed here lol, so now we totally up to date with a Version 3.0 !

SADAUSKIENE.COM got a updated to Version 2.0 !
Before we used “Xara Designer Pro+“, but now decided to go simple at go with “WordPress
We hope you enjoy the new update!

– We just joined Instagram for no real reason, but “why not” our username is @sadauskas_dainius or click here

SADAUSKAS has joined 3 different IRC networks (Libera, Freenode & Rizon) in all 3 of them you can /join #SADAUSKAS

SADAUSKAS stands with & supports LGBTQ rights !!!
Because of this we made a seperate Forum section just for this topic. There you will find the latest LGBTQ news from around the globe! It can also be accessed via sub-domain >>> www.dainius.sadauskas.info

SADAUSKAS joins Twitter platform: https://twitter.com/sadauskas_info
Tweets mainly are regarding LGBTQ & Ukrainian / Russian war subjects
(Elon Musk purchasing Twitter might of been one of the reasons behind it us joining :))
Here bellow you can read our twitter feed & check our latest posts

DuckDuckGo has phrase “sadauskiene” listed with 2.5 results on the FIRST page!

BING.COM loves us the most & has “sadauskiene” 1st page 1st results with sub-results (of course it depends on your location, but here is a beautiful ->screenshot<-!)

Yahoo! also just like BING has us on the 1st page as 1st result with sub-results (once again, depends on your location, but ->screenshot<- speaks for it self!)

SADAUSKIENE.LT has joined SADAUSKIENE.COM ! (Both are linked to the same place)

visit SADAUSKAS Twitter Page | SADAUSKIENE Website | LGBTQ.sadauskas.info

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