>>> The LGBTQ Cummunity:
We have decided that our >>> Forum LGBTQ section should be accessible anonymously by users who would like to write a post without being forced to register. The top rated post will be featured on our Twitters page & author would be awarded with a $20 Gift Card of their choice! After seeing how it goes, we would increase the awards. We are glad to be able to do so & looking forward to the future of our community!

Dainius Sadauskas Supports LGBTQ Community “

>>> Sadauskas stands with & supports LGBTQ rights !!!
Because of this we made a seperate Forum section just for this topic. There you will find the latest LGBTQ news from around the globe! It can also be access via sub-domain >>> lgbtq.sadauskas.info

>>> Sadauskas Twitter platform: https://twitter.com/sadauskas_info
Tweets mainly are regarding LGBTQ & Ukraine / Russia War subjects.
(Elon Musk purchasing Twitter might of been one of the reasons behind it making Twitter account)

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