>>> DAINIUS SADAUSKAS is a huge LGBTQ Supporter.
On our Twitter page we post daily the most recent & important events regarding LGBTQ+ & Ukraine situation. It also gets posted on the forum as well. (if you could follow us on Twitter it would mean a lot, knowing that what we do means something & would push us to do more!

Also take a glimpse at our FORUM where we post the most recent & most important from around the globe.
(please email us if you want your story/article to be featured on the forum or on our Twitter page, we would be more than happy to do it!)

>>> DAINIUS SADAUSKAS believe it or not got pretty famous recently.
Bing has it on the first page, and even old forgotten Yahoo! actually just became cool and also presents it on the first page! Now we are working on having same results with Google,
but it’s like feeding broccoli to small child, takes time and all kinds of BS to do it, but we will 🙂
More information about Sadauskas project is coming soon!

>>> Our Rough History & the amazing >>> “Karma Hackers Group
We used to have a very same project before, but due to not being advanced in tech, we were hacked and destroyed by “anti-gay” hackers group. We lost all the material, all of our backups, articles etc, our work & personal computers were infected with ransomware and the asking price to get it back was in thousands. We also lost many domain names.
This time we hired a good hackers group by the name “KARMA HACKERS GROUP” to look after us, and even though there was multiple attacks within short period of time, this group was very quick to respond & neutralize the threat, they made sure nothing was breached & we didn’t even knew it was happening until reports were showed to us.
We are very thank full that they provide us with professional services for the fraction of their regular price!

>>> Now we started building everything from scratch, that’s why current domains might not make a lot of sense. We will start registering new domains & currently looking for freelancers to help us out. (Paid Work) Some might think this kind of “website design is “unconventional”, but it’s temporary while we in the process of building & coding the actual website

Under SADAUSKAS domain umbrella are the following domains:

sadauskas.info <<< Our main project
sadauskas.biz <<< Simple page with links regarding Sadauskas Projects
sadauskiene.com <<< A place for future projects
sadauskiene.lt <<< Just redirects to sadauskiene.com

LGBTQ.sadauskas.info <<< Supporting LGBTQ rights
dainius.sadauskas.info <<< Link to our main Forum

More domains are coming soon !

SADAUSKAS & SADAUSKIENE” Project is Powered & maintained by “KARMA HACKERS GROUP 2023″
SADAUSKAS Twitter Page | SADAUSKIENE Website | LGBTQ.sadauskas.info

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