Sadauskas stands with LGBTQ community.

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>>> Dainius Sadauskas & The LGBTQ Cummunity:
We have decided that our >>> LGBTQ Forum section should be accessible freely and users should be able to make posts anonymously. The top rated post will be featured on our Twitters page & author would be awarded with a $20 Gift Card of their choice!
After seeing how it goes, we would increase the awards. We are glad to be able to do so & looking forward to the future of our community!

>>> Dainius Sadauskas stands with & supports LGBTQ rights !!!
Because of this we made a separate Forum section just for this topic. There you will find the latest LGBTQ news from around the globe. We also posting such news on our Twitter page, where it would be posted first before Forum.
It can also be access via sub-domain >>> LGBTQ.sadauskas.info

>>> Unnecessary Information Gateway
SADAUSKAS a place where we will provide information which might be (and is) considered private / ugly / embarrassing. Some people do stuff thinking no consequences will follow so here we are to prove them wrong. We hope Sadauskas will enjoy all the information that we will post soon & will appreciate our effort 🙂

>>> “Love & Care”
We not only provide information about someone, but also have great skills at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where everything we post we make sure that it appears in the top Google search results, and by TOP we mean FIRST PAGE.
UPDATE: sadauskas.info & sadauskiene.com are on the FIRST search pages of bing.com, yahoo.com & duckduckgo.com – google is next!

>>> The Internet
As we all know, well hope most of us do… Everything that gets posted online stays online, even if the original source is deleted/removed. There is no way to remove all that info that has been posted previously, all of that data always ends up belonging to our great friend THE INTERNET forever 🙂

>>> The Forum
Please visit our FORUM where no registration is required to make posts, where visitors have discussions and specially where we will post all of that private / ugly / embarrassing content first! Click here

>>> The Clients decision!
This project is being powered & maintained by “Karma Hackers Group
Our clients choose when to release the information & data about the subject. Even knowing that we usually collect more material than asked, only the client can choose when & what to release to the public. We make sure that the target is at the top search results of any search engine platform & then it’s up to the client when everything gets published. Client confidentiality & the amount of info we collect about the target is our top priority. If you reading this & you know you are the target, we suggest you trying figuring out who’s our client & ask them to contact us before it’s too late…

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